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Method Description:

We have been using Phenome-Wide Association Studies (PheWAS) to explore the association between genetic variation and comprehensive and diverse phenotypic measurement data [1]. These PheWAS studies have been pursued with data from a series of epidemiological studies across ancestry [2] as well as with data from the National Health and Nutrition Surveys of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). These PheWAS analyses have included survey, laboratory, and medical data coupled with genetic data for exploring associations. We have also used de-identified electronic-health record (EHR) data coupled with genetic data for PheWAS, using data from Geisinger MyCode as well as from the Vanderbilt Medical Center biobank BioVU. We also have been performing PheWAS using clinical trial based data, including laboratory measurements.

Dynamic networks exist between genetic architecture, signaling pathways, intermediate phenotypes, and outcome traits. Pleiotropy contributes additional complexity to these networks, with genetic variation affecting two or more outcome traits. Thus far, much of the exploration of the association between genetic variation and complex traits and outcome has been through the use of genome-wide association studies (GWAS), using single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and a specific outcome or a very related series of measurements. The focus on a limited phenotypic domain neglects the potential power gained by using intermediate phenotypes, sub-phenotypes, biomarkers, and endophenotypes that may more closely reflect a gene’s mechanism. Further, the GWAS approach also misses information that can be gained through exploring the networks of connections between multiple phenotypes and genotypes, combined with additional biological information, that may better explain the relationship between genetic architecture and outcome.

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